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The Health and Safety Policy Documents, Checklists and Ready-to-use Staff Training PowerPoints You Need to Carry Out Your Role throughout 2017... all 100% legally compliant and constantly updated

Instantly at your fingertips on just one million Rand CD-ROM!

And we have 73 to give away today for just R995 to the first people who reply!

With a value of an incredible R995 excl vat and postage, the Health and Safety Training Manual will save you thousands of Rands in staff-training, consultancy fees and potential fines...

... and could HALVE the time you spend searching for documents, checking for the correct up-to-date policies and preparing training material for staff.

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Gives you INSTANT access to the compliance policies, checklists, risk assessment templates and staff-training PowerPoint presentations you need. Fully updated and legally compliant for 2017.

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Lets you quickly adapt documents to your own company needs before you print out or use them.

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Provides the perfect ready-to-use materials for almost every industry’s issues from Induction, First Aid and Fire Safety through to Electing your Health and Safety Representative and Risk Assessments.


Dear Health and Safety Professional,

If there’s one thing that could make your life easier in 2017, then it’s got to be this quite brilliant Health and Safety Training Manual.

With instant access to the most up-to-date and legally compliant versions of every training document you'll ever need, you’ll very quickly be able to cut down the time and effort it takes you to carry out your Health and Safety training role.

You’ll also have access to thousands of Rands worth of ready-made assessments and professionally-created staff-training materials that could save your company a fortune and transform the way you work.

Even many of the jobs that you might currently outsource to external Health and Safety experts could easily and expertly be dealt with in-house using the materials on this CD-ROM.

Yours sincerely,

Rachel Paterson

Get ANY H&S document you require instantly
... in just 3 easy steps

iconNo more searching on the internet for the latest information, which may be unreliable anyway...
iconNo more searching through filing cabinets...
iconNo more spending hours at the photocopier or preparing your own staff-training materials


It's simple:

Step 1: Put your relevant CD-ROM into your computer


Step 2: Look up the information you need

Health and safety training manual screenshot

Step 3: Print off the training document, assessment sheet or workbook you require – or use one of the ready-made PowerPoint presentations to quickly and easily train staff.

Because let’s face it, your Health and Safety role
is not exactly an easy one!

Right now, the headaches, stresses, time-drainers and financial costs of H&S in your company include:

Having to constantly stay on top of changes and updates being made to laws and regulations – and implementing these changes

Making sure staff are fully trained: either by training yourself or paying for expensive training

Carrying out risk assessments

Keeping on top of paperwork

Handling the stress of knowing that the buck stops with you


Paying for consultants – and the constant fear of fines

With the Health and Safety Training Manual, you’ll easily be able to:

Confidently deliver your own in-house staff-training with the help of over 20 different expertly and brilliantly prepared PowerPoint presentations and training sheets

Have every training document you’ll ever need organised into one place

Feel confident that everything you might ever need to do has been done - with  easy yet meticulous training for Fire Safety, First Aid, Induction, Risk Assessment and more

Efficiently detect and correct any safety deficiencies and avoid crippling fines with Risk Assessment Training Templates and guidance notes for Fire, and more

Make sure there’s no stone left unturned

No matter what your line of business is, we can help you safeguard your workplace:

Dangerous Substances: Hazardous Chemical Substances

Incident Investigation

First Aid: Fire Safety,First Aid training and Emergency Procedures

Vehicles and Machinery: Fork Lift Trucks, Driver Safety and Machine Guarding,

Office Safety: Ergonomics

Employee Management: Safety Inductions

All you’ll have to do to get instant access to all these files below and over 100 more is place the topic CD-ROM in the computer and print the training materials you need.

First Aid Staff Training PowerPoint

Risk Assessment Self-Assessment Form

Fire Safety Certificate

Employee Induction Workbook

Facilitator’s Training Manual

Electing your Health and Safety Representative

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Just the PowerPoint presentations alone are worth thousands

If you were to employ a Health and Safety consultant to come to your company to deliver in-house training you would have to pay them up to R5,000 per day.

But in your Health and Safety Training Manual, you will have instant access to staff-training PowerPoint presentations that have been prepared specially for you so that you can carry out your in-house training yourself.

Here, for example, are some of the slides from the First Aid Staff-Training PowerPoint you’ll find on your CD-ROM:

First AiderFirst Aid 2

Or, instead of spending the going rate of R2 500 for Training for Fire Safety, simply click on the Fire Safety Staff Training PowerPoint on your CD-ROM and you’ll be ready to go... saving your company a fortune!

Fire SafetyFire Safety

Carry out all your risk assessments yourself, quickly and easily

Also included in your Health and Safety Training Manual you will find everything you need to train your employees on carrying out every risk assessment required in your industry.

This Basic Risk Assessment document, for example, will give you everything you need to carry out the job – saving your company the R1 000 you’d have to pay if you bought a similar tool online.

risk assessment

Save hours of exasperation, time-wasting and searching

Thanks to the clever design of the presentation in the Health and Safety Training Manual you will very quickly be able to find every item you’re looking for.

With fines costing an average of up to R100 000

Global Health and Safety performance of the construction sector alone states that there are:

  • 60 000 fatal accidents - one every ten minutes;
  • One in every six work-related fatal accidents occurs on a construction site;
  • In industrialized countries, more than 25% to 40% of work-related deaths occur on construction sites despite the sector only employing between 6% to 10% of total employment;
  • About 30% of construction workers suffer from back pains or other musculoskeletal disorders; and
  • There is a 50% higher incidence rate for non-fatal accidents among workers aged 15 to 24 years.

And in 2015 it was announced that on average two South African construction workers die every week.

R385,000 Fine as Worker’s Hand Caught in Lawnmower

In one case in particular, a worker nearly severed his thumb and badly injured his fingers when his hand was caught in the blades of a petrol-powered lawnmower.

He had been trying to clear a blockage but the safety device which should have cut the engine failed to work.

His employer was fined R190,500 and ordered to pay R195,000 costs after the HSE revealed failings in the company’s maintenance regime and reporting systems for the equipment.

Both this horrific accident and the hefty fines could easily have been avoided if the employer had had access to the Maintenance Management Checklist that you can get in your Health and Safety Training Manual Service.

Fractured skull: more than a headache

In another striking case, a female kitchen worker slipped over on a wet tiled floor and seriously fractured her skull in a store restaurant. She was rushed to hospital where she was in and out of consciousness, suffered seizures and spent a long period in the hospital’s high dependency unit.

The prosecuted employer was ordered to pay over R540,000 including prosecution costs.

Accidents and fines like this can always be avoided if you have the right procedures in place and are given sufficient time and funding to carry out your role.

The key as you know is to be well-organised, well-equipped and diligent at your job.

And that’s where the Health and Safety Training Manual Service can help you.

With a value of R995 and potential savings of TEN TIMES that amount... You can’t afford to be without it

If you’d had to buy all the resources in this Health and Safety Training Manual individually, the total bill would come in at R17 000. And that’s just the start of your saving.

By purchasing this Health and Safety Training Manual Service at today’s very special offer of just R995 excl vat and postage, you will be able to make yourself and your company multiple savings time and time again throughout the year.

No need to spend a fortune on external Health and Safety experts when the advice will enable you to deal with almost any issue or solve any problem in-house

Easily save R8 000 at a time on training costs

No need to purchase any extra documents such as assessment tools

Not to mention the fortune it will save in working hours: yours and others

And of course the reassurance that by taking every step to ensure you’re within the law... you need never incur a fine or face costly investigations.


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